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Rules for Registration

1. Provisional Registration : Any person who possesses recognized qualification under the IMCC Act 1970( Central Act 48 of 1970) intends to do Internship training at recognized ISM institutions and hospitals of Gujarat State can apply to the Registrar in the prescribed form with copies of documents required and prescribed fees. The Provisional certificate does not entitle the holder to practice medical profession at any place other than the medical college, hospital or its ancillary units. The Provisional certificate must be returned to the Board at the time of permanent registration.

2. Regular Registration : Any person who possesses any of the qualification included in schedule II, III and IV of the IMCC Act, 1970 and wishes to practice in the State of Gujarat can apply under section 17 ( 3 ) of the Act for registration in the live register of the Board by applying to the Registrar in the prescribed form with copies of required documents and prescribed fees...

3.  Registration of the Additional Qualifications : Persons registered with the Gujarat Board of Ayurvedic & Unani Systems of Medicine, Gujarat State can apply for entering additional qualifications (recognized under the IMCC Act 1970) in the Gujarat Board of Ayurvedic & Unani Systems of Medicine's register on payment of prescribed fees. On entering on additional qualifications in the register, the Gujarat Board of Ayurvedic & Unani Systems of Medicine sends a letter of addition of degree to the applicant.

5. Renewal of Registration : Under section 22 of the Gujarat Medical Practitioners Act 1963 renewal of registration be done every five year(Block year). Every registered practitioner shall be liable to apply to the Registrar and to pay to the Board the prescribed fee for the continuance of his name on the register.

The prescribe renewal fees be paid on or before due date, the Registrar shall issue a renewal slip specifying extended the date of registration certificate. If the renewal fee not paid by due date the name of such practitioner shall remove from the register, on such removal the certificate of registration issued to the practitioner shall be deemed to have been cancelled. The name so removed may be re-entered in the register on payment of the outstanding renewal fees with prescribed re-entry fees.

6. Good Standing Certificate:A certificate of good standing is issued by the Board on the payment of prescribed fees, if no enquiry is pending against the applicant.

8. Certified Entry of Registration Certificate: Where it is shown to the satisfaction of the Registrar that a certificate of registration has been lost or destroyed, the registrar may, on payment of prescribed fee issued a certified entry of certificate.

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